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Adhesivo MG Chemicals 8329HTC Epoxy Thermal Conductive

MG Chemicals 8329HTC – Thermally Conductive Structural Epoxy Adhesive

Experience the power of MG Chemicals 8329HTC – Thermoconductive Structural Epoxy Adhesive. With its high thermal conductivity and superior bonding strength, this 2-part epoxy adhesive offers robust performance in harsh conditions. It’s a go-to solution for your industrial needs, providing high dimensional stability and resistant to humidity, salt water, chemicals, and corrosive gas. Choose MG Chemicals 8329HTC for a high-performance adhesive that works as hard as you do. Explore our range today and discover the difference quality makes.

MG Chemicals 8329HTC – Thermally Conductive Structural Epoxy Adhesive

The MG Chemicals 8329HTC is a thermoconductive structural epoxy adhesive designed for a wide range of applications that require superior bonding strength, high thermal conductivity, and durability in harsh environments. This 2-part epoxy adhesive stands out due to its high dimensional stability and ability to work in a wide operating temperature range. The adhesive is a thixotropic paste, allowing for localised application even in tight spaces.


  • High Thermal Conductivity: With a thermal conductivity of 0.9 W/(m·K), this adhesive efficiently transfers heat, making it an ideal choice for applications involving heat-sensitive components.
  • Superior Bonding Strength: The 8329HTC epoxy adhesive possesses impressive tensile, compressive, and lap shear strength, ensuring a robust and lasting bond.
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: This property enhances the dimensional stability of the adhesive, allowing it to maintain its structure and integrity even under varying temperature conditions.
  • High Resistance: The cured epoxy is tough, rigid, and highly resistant to physical impacts, shocks, vibration, humidity, salt water, chemicals, and corrosive gases.
  • Room Temperature Curing: The adhesive cures in 24 hours at room temperature, and this curing process can be accelerated with heat.


The MG Chemicals 8329HTC adhesive is versatile and can bond strongly to a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, glass and wood. It is appropriate for use across a wide range of industries with varying application needs.

  1. Electronic Manufacturing: Due to its high thermal conductivity and superior bonding strength, it is suitable for bonding heat-sensitive components.
  2. Automotive and Aerospace Industry: Given its high resistance to harsh environments and ability to withstand temperature variations, it is highly valuable in the automotive and aerospace industries.
  3. Marine Applications: Its strong resistance to humidity and salt water makes it ideal for marine applications.
  4. General Purpose Bonding: Its ability to bond effectively to different materials like metal, plastic, glass and wood makes it a go-to choice for general purpose bonding.

For different use cases, MG Chemicals also offers alternatives such as 8329TFF and 8349TFM for shorter working times and flame retardancy. For a longer working time and low outgassing, use 8329TCS. Additionally, 9460TC is a 1-part option that offers fast curing and convenience.

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