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MG Chemicals 844AR - Acrylic ESD Coating

MG Chemicals 844AR – Acrylic ESD Coating

Experience the power of MG Chemicals 844AR – Acrylic ESD Coating, a one-part, solvent-based ESD safe solution that promises strong adhesion with excellent flexibility. Ideal for use on electronics assembly lines, it fiercely protects against electrostatic charge build-up on tools, production conveyors, and more. Its quick-drying feature combined with low VOC and being HAP-free, truly sets this product apart. This coating does not contain toluene, xylene, or MEK giving you a safer and cleaner environment. Choose MG Chemicals 844AR for a robust, long-lasting solution and take a step towards superior industrial performance. Experience the difference today with this innovative product.

MG Chemicals 844AR – Acrylic ESD Coating

Product Description: MG Chemicals 844AR – Acrylic ESD Coating

The MG Chemicals 844AR is a high-quality, one-part, solvent-based, acrylic-based ESD safe coating, pigmented with low conductivity pigments. This extraordinary product is designed to strongly adhere to a wide variety of surfaces, including plastics, paints, metals, and many others. After application, the coating cures to form a flexible, highly durable layer that will not crack, chip or peel. This remarkable product offers the convenience of curing at room temperature, or at higher temperatures if required.

Properties of MG Chemicals 844AR

  • Permanent static dissipative coating: Once applied, the 844AR coating provides a long-lasting, static dissipative effect, ensuring your surfaces remain protected against the potential damage caused by electrostatic charge build-up.
  • Quick-dry: The 844AR coating is designed to dry rapidly, greatly reducing downtime and allowing for quicker progress on projects.
  • Strong adhesion with excellent flexibility: This coating grips strongly onto many surfaces while maintaining excellent flexibility. This ensures the coating remains intact and effective even under strain.
  • Low VOC and HAP-free: With a commitment to environmental friendliness, the 844AR coating is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and is HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) free.
  • Safe formulation: It does not contain potentially harmful substances such as toluene, xylene or MEK.

Applications of MG Chemicals 844AR

The MG Chemicals 844AR Acrylic ESD Coating is well-suited to a broad range of uses in the electronics industry. It is commonly used in electronics assembly lines to protect against electrostatic charge build-up. This includes application on tools, production conveyors and bumpers, assembly trays, workstation surfaces, and enclosures.

By applying this coating, you can significantly reduce the risk of electrostatic charge build-up, which could potentially cause damage to sensitive electronic components or lead to unsafe work conditions. This makes it an essential addition to any electronics production or repair environment.

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