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MG Chemicals 9410 - One-Part Epoxy Electrically Conductive Adhesive, High Tg

MG Chemicals 9410 – One-Part Epoxy Electrically Conductive Adhesive, High Tg

Discover the MG Chemicals 9410 – a one-part, high Tg electrically conductive epoxy adhesive that requires no mixing, offering unlimited working time and high productivity. Ideal for semiconductor flip chip packaging, LED and diode die attach, this adhesive not only ensures strong permanent electrical connections but also provides excellent EMI/RFI shielding. Its unique silver-filled composition allows it to bond well with a multitude of substances, making it a versatile choice for diverse industrial applications. Experiment the elevated electrical conductivity of MG Chemicals 9410 – your reliable solution for high-performance bonds. Explore more now.

MG Chemicals 9410 – One-Part Epoxy Electrically Conductive Adhesive, High Tg

Product Description

The MG Chemicals 9410 is a high-performance, 1-part, electrically conductive adhesive formulated to provide strong, permanent electrical connections. This thixotropic paste has a silver-grey appearance and is designed to cure into a hard, durable, and conductive polymer. Uniquely designed to simplify processing, the 9410 adhesive requires no mixing and offers unlimited working time, significantly reducing waste and increasing productivity.


The 9410 conductive adhesive boasts several superior properties, making it a stand-out option for your electrical adhesive needs.

  • High electrical conductivity: When cured, it forms an electrically conductive polymer, facilitating seamless electrical connections.
  • Silver-filled epoxy: This adhesive is filled with silver, giving it a unique silver-grey colour and contributing to its high electrical conductivity.
  • No mixing required: The 9410 adhesive is a 1-part system, eliminating the need for mixing and the worries about incorrect mix ratios and weighing.
  • Unlimited working time: This adhesive does not harden until heat-cured, providing an unlimited working time.
  • Convenient storage: Unlike many adhesives, the 9410 adhesive is stable at room temperature and does not require frozen storage.
  • Favourable cure time: It cures in just 1 hour at 90 °C (194 °F) or in a rapid 7 minutes at 150 °C (302 °F).
  • Suitable for automated dispensing: This adhesive can be used in manual, pneumatic, and robotic dispensing processes, increasing its versatility.


The MG Chemicals 9410 adhesive is the perfect choice for a range of applications, thanks to its superior properties and performance.

  • Semiconductor flip chip packaging: This adhesive has been specifically designed for flip chip packaging, providing reliable and durable bonds.
  • Die attach for small chips, LEDs, and diodes: Its high electrical conductivity and strong bonding make it ideal for attaching small chips, LEDs, and diodes.
  • EMI/RFI shielding: The 9410 adhesive provides excellent Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) shielding, protecting your electronic devices from damage.
  • Seam filling between metal plates: This adhesive is highly effective in filling seams between metal plates, ensuring a secure and electrically conductive connection.

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