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MG Chemicals 8616 - Super Thermal Grease II

MG Chemicals 8616 – Super Thermal Grease II

Discover the power of MG Chemicals 8616 – Super Thermal Grease II, one of the top industrial adhesives in the market. With unrivalled thermal conductivity of 2.0 W/(m·K), this silicone-free thermal compound will ensure superior heat flow between your heat sinks and power components, reducing thermal resistance and enhancing performance. Its broad service temperature range, high dielectric strength, and excellent corrosion resistance make it a unique solution for a variety of industrial processes. Experience a longer service life with this non-bleeding, non-electrically conductive grease. Trust MG Chemicals 8616 – Super Thermal Grease II to deliver exceptional results for your systems and equipment. Don’t wait, enhance your industrial operations today!

MG Chemicals 8616 – Super Thermal Grease II

MG Chemicals 8616 – Super Thermal Grease II

The 8616 Super Thermal Grease II by MG Chemicals is a highly effective thermal compound that features excellent thermal conductivity. Designed to conform between irregular surfaces when compressed, this thermal conductive grease greatly reduces thermal resistance and improves heat flow, making it an ideal solution for a multitude of applications.

Properties of MG Chemicals 8616 Super Thermal Grease II

The Super Thermal Grease II offers a range of unique properties that set it apart in the market. Its outstanding characteristics include:

  • High Thermal Conductivity: The 8616 thermal grease exhibits a thermal conductivity of 2.0 W/(m·K), ensuring efficient heat transfer.
  • Silicone-free: This thermal conductive grease is free from silicone, making it suitable for a broad range of applications.
  • Broad Service Temperature Range: The 8616 Super Thermal Grease II can operate efficiently in a wide temperature range of -70 to 165 °C (-90 to 329 °F).
  • High Dielectric Strength: This property enables the thermal grease to resist electrical breakdown, making it perfect for applications involving electrical components.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance: The Super Thermal Grease II has passed the ASTM B117 salt fog test for 1,000 hours, demonstrating its supreme corrosion resistance.
  • Non-bleeding: The thermal grease has a non-bleeding property, ensuring that it remains stable and does not separate into its constituent parts.
  • Non-Electrically Conductive: This feature makes it safe to use in applications that involve electrical components.
  • Long Service Life: The 8616 Super Thermal Grease II is designed to offer a long service life, delivering value over an extended period.

Applications of MG Chemicals 8616 Super Thermal Grease II

The 8616 Super Thermal Grease II is commonly used to improve thermal contact at the interface between heat sinks and heat-generating components. Some of the typical applications include:

  1. LEDs: The thermal grease helps transfer excess heat away from the LED device, which can improve its performance and extend its lifespan.
  2. Motors: By improving heat transfer, the grease aids in cooling motor components, which can enhance their efficiency and reliability.
  3. CPUs and GPUs: The Super Thermal Grease II can be applied between the CPU or GPU and the heat sink to better dissipate heat and prevent overheating.
  4. Other Power Components: Any other components that generate significant heat can benefit from the application of this thermal grease.

Overall, the MG Chemicals 8616 Super Thermal Grease II is a reliable, high-performing solution for any application that requires effective heat transfer and dissipation. Its unique properties make it a go-to product for professionals in various fields.

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