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MG Chemicals 8617A - Premium Thermal Paste, 3 W/m.K

MG Chemicals 8617A – Premium Thermal Paste, 3 W/m.K

Experience superior heat management with the MG Chemicals 8617A Premium Thermal Paste. With an impressive thermal conductivity of 3 W/m.K, this silicone-free solution ensures optimal heat dissipation in high-performance CPU’s, LEDs and other electronic devices. Its unique thixotropic consistency, coupled with a wide operating temperature range, guarantees optimal application and exceptional thermal cycling stability. Choose MG Chemicals 8617A for its unmatched convenience and top-tier performance in aggressive thermal environments. Commit to ultimate efficiency, durability and system performance today. Discover the MG Chemicals 8617A difference now.

MG Chemicals 8617A – Premium Thermal Paste, 3 W/m.K

The MG Chemicals 8617A – Premium Thermal Paste is an exceptional heat sink grease that boasts incredibly high thermal conductivity and superior wetting properties. This high-performing paste is designed to confirm to the intricate geometry of the component and heatsink interface, eliminating common issues such as bleed and pump out that are typically associated with other thermal pastes.


  • Thermal Conductivity: The 8617A paste stands out due to its impressive thermal conductivity of 3 W/m∙K. This ensures effective and efficient heat transfer, making it perfect for use with high heat generating components.
  • Silicone-Free Composition: Unlike many other thermal pastes on the market, this premium paste is silicone-free, meaning it won’t contaminate surfaces it comes into contact with.
  • Wide Operating Temperature: This paste can function effectively within a wide range of temperatures, making it the ideal solution for environments that experience aggressive thermal cycling conditions.
  • Low Bond Line Thickness: The soft consistency of this paste ensures easy compression and achieves low bond line thickness, minimising thermal resistance and maximising heat transfer efficiency.


The 8617A Premium Thermal Paste is incredibly versatile and has a variety of applications. Its high thermal conductivity makes it the ideal choice for energy-intensive electronic components such as CPUs, LEDs, thermal sensors, IGBTs, thermal wells, and power resistors.

Its ability to serve as a gap filler on heatsinks is particularly notable. Once applied, the paste creates a solid, efficient thermal bridge between the component and the heatsink, allowing for superior heat dissipation and improved performance of the component.

Furthermore, the convenience offered by this thermal paste is exceptional. Once applied, circuits can be powered up immediately making it a practical solution for many applications.

If you require a thermal paste with higher thermal conductivity, MG Chemicals also offer the 8618. For less heat-intensive applications, the 8616 and 860 variants are more suitable. Additionally, a full line of thermally conductive adhesives and thermal gels are available, offering permanent bond and tack adhesion solutions respectively, for scenarios where a lower modulus material is required.

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