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DOWSIL DS-1000 / DOW CORNING DS-1000 Silicone Cleaner

Dowsil DS-1000 / Dow Corning DS-1000 is an aqueous surfactant solution used to clean uncured silicone residues from industrial equipment and manufacturing units.

DOWSIL DS-1000 / DOW CORNING DS-1000 Silicone Cleaner

DOWSIL DS-1000 formerly Dow Corning DS-1000 is a water-based, organic surfactant blend designed specifically for silicone oil removal.

Dowsil DS-1000 effectively emulsifies silicone oils, greases and uncured silicone elastomers. The silicone cleaner can be used as an effective degreaser in a wide range of applications.


  • DOWSIL DS-1000 is designed for cleaning surfaces, equipment and manufacturing units with uncured silicone residues.

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  • Rapid digestion of cured silicone
  • Effectively emulsifies silicone oils, greases, and uncured elastomers
  • Effective degreaser on a wide range of applications
  • Aqueous solution
  • Comply with EU detergent regulation on biodegradability of surfactants
  • Non-flammable

How to remove Silicones from Industrial Equipment and Surfaces

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