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DOWSIL DS-2025 / DOW CORNING DS-2025 Silicone Cleaning Solvent

Dowsil DS-2025 / Dow Corning DS-2025 is an industrial cleaning solvent that removes cured silicone from surfaces, equipment, and manufacturing units. Specifically designed to digest silicone deposits through depolymerisation and dissolution leaving a silicone free surface.

DOWSIL DS-2025 / DOW CORNING DS-2025 Silicone Cleaning Solvent

DOWSIL DS-2025 formerly Dow Corning DS-2025 is a non-flammable, hydrocarbon based cleaning solution containing a silicone catalytic depolymerisation catalyst. The solvent rapidly digests and dissolves cured silicone.

This product can be reused multiple times, making it a cost-effective cleaning solution.


  • DOWSIL DS-2025 is designed for cleaning surfaces, equipment and manufacturing units with cured silicone residues.
  • Compatible with most construction materials.

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  • Rapid digestion of cured silicone
  • Leaves a silicone free surface
  • Low viscosity
  • Non-flammable
  • Multiple use and recyclable
  • High flash point
  • Does not contain aromatic or halogenated solvent

How to remove Silicones from Industrial Equipment and Surfaces

To see the product in action, click on the video below

This product is part of the DOWSIL range


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