Betabrade F1 – Windscreen contamination remover

Betabrade F1 is an abrasive liquid that removes silicone from contaminated windscreens without scratching the glass.


Betabrade F1 – Windscreen contamination remover

Betaprime F1 is a water-based, silicone free liquid that removes heavy surface contamination on glass, such as silicone, oils and wax.

It can be easily applied from the applicator bottle, so you can clean the bonding area quickly and thoroughly.

This product is compatible with Dow BETACLEAN™ cleaner 3300 and BETAPRIME™ 5404 primer.


  • Ideal for use in automotive glass replacement applications.


  • Removes heavy contamination on glass
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Visible
  • Safe for the installer – no spraying or atomisation

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Glass preparation

Preparation process for glass replacement using Betaclean 3300 and Betabrade F1

  1. Spray glass bonding surface and vision area with BETACLEAN™ 3300.
  2. Inspect the replacement glass for defects, damage or contamination.
  3. Shake BETABRADE™ F1 bottle for 10 seconds
  4. Apply 2 mm thin line of BETABRADE™ F1 onto the entire glass bonding area.
  5. Scrub the bonding area in a back-and-forth motion until BETABRADE™ F1 is dry.
  6. Spray windshield with BETACLEAN™ 3300 and wipe clean with a lint-free paper towel

Betabrade F1 vs. Glass Cleaner only 

This product is part of the Dow Automotive range


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