Betaprime 5404

Betaprime 5404 is a primer without toluene for plastic and paint substrates. Used as an undercoat for all BETASEAL and BETAMATE products.

Betaprime 5404 - Description

Betaprime 5404 is an easy to use primer that promotes adhesion to vehicle body and inhibits rust in small nicks and scratches on the pinchweld.

It performs the functions of three separate primers by activating PAAS (Pre-Applied Adhesive Systems) beads, promoting adhesion to PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) substrates and (RIM) reaction injection molding encapsulations.

To be used in combination with Dow Automotive Systems PUR-Adhesives/sealants. The primer meets all OEM requirements.


  • Priming automotive body pinchwelds
  • PVC bonding to urethane adhesive
  • Bonding RIM encapsulation

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  • Short open time
  • Brushability – no voids, bare spots or brush marks
  • Hiding power – complete black-out

This product is part of the Dow Automotive range


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