Betaprime UV – UV stability two step glass primer

Betaprime UV is an adhesion promoting primer for glass and enamel substrates. High UV stability for glass without ceramic frit.


Betaprime UV – UV stability two step glass primer - Description

Betaprime UV is a primer that offers UV resistance in vehicle glass applications. Suitable for glass bonding or replacement in buses, trucks and trains.

This two-step pre-treatment system includes the application of BETAWIPE as a cleaner & activator prior to the application of the primer layer.


  • Ideal for use in automotive glass bonding and replacement applications.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 For pack sizes, please see Additional Information. 


  • High UV Stability for glasses without ceramic frit
  • Short open time
  • Easy to use

This product is part of the Dow Automotive range


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