Betawipe VP04604

Betawipe VP04604 is an activator for silk-screen printing on glass and ceramic substrates. Used to prepare surfaces before applying BETAPRIME and BETASEAL/BETAMATE E.

Betawipe VP04604 - Description

Betawipe VP04604, surface activators quickly and easily prepare automotive glass and substrates for bonding whilst promoting adhesion between the substrate and adhesive.

Formulated for automotive OEM and aftermarket applications.


  • Suitable for glass, aluminium and a variety of plastics prior to the application of Betaseal or Betamate structural adhesives.

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Surface Preparation

Activate bonding surface with oil-free cloth or binder-free tissues saturated with BETAWIPE VP 04604; then wipe with a clean, dry cloth or with binder-free
tissues. A spray or a felt applicator can also be used to coat the bonding surface with activator.

The activator must then be wiped off immediately with felt, tissues or cloth; all of which must be binder-free.

This product is part of the Dow Automotive range


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