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Tectyl 930 – Anti-corrosive oil for engine maintenance

Tectyl 930 is an API CH-4 / SJ SAE 30 engine oil that prevents corrosion in internal combustion engines.

Tectyl 930 – Anti-corrosive oil for engine maintenance

Tectyl 930 is an API CH-4 / SJ SAE 30 engine oil that prevents corrosion in internal combustion engines.

It has excellent capabilities for the protection and running-in of spark plug or compression ignition engines.

This anti-corrosive engine oil is compatible with lubricating oils rated under MIL-L-21260, MIL-2104, and MIL-L-46152.


  • This product is a lubricating oil that meets military specifications.

  • The product is an internal combustion lubricating oil that complies with the corrosion properties of MIL-L-21260.


  • Tectyl 930 should be used as a filler and factory oil for all new and rebuilt engines.

  • This is a fully operational current production engine oil that meets the requirements of MIL-L-21260D.

  • It does not need to be changed until the first scheduled oil change specified by the engine manufacturer.


  • It should be stored at temperatures between 10-35 º C.
  • The product should be shaken slightly before use.
  • Under proper storage conditions, Tectyl 930 can have a shelf life of at least 36 months.


  • Adequate ventilation is required for curing and to insure against the formation of combustible liquid.
  • The partially cured film must not be exposed to sources of ignition such as flames, sparks, excessive heat, or torches.

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