Tectyl 300G Clear E - Water-Based Anti-Corrosive Coating

Tectyl 210-R is a wax based anticorrosive solvent compound. Cures to a semi-waxy, light amber, translucent, and slightly tacky film.

Tectyl 300G Clear E - Water-Based Anti-Corrosive Coating

Tectyl 300G Clear E is a paintable water-based anticorrosive coating. Provides an effective barrier against corrosive environments for ferrous and non-ferrous manufacturing and industrial components. Cures to a semi-firm, waxy, amber translucent film.

Properties Tectyl 300G Clear E

These are some of the main characteristics of this product:

  • This Tectyl product is a water-based anticorrosive coating.
  • Cures in a hard, transparent and flexible film.
  • It has excellent flexibility.
  • It can be painted.


  • It is formulated to be used as supplied.
  • Ensures a uniform consistency before use.
  • If the product thickens due to cold storage or water loss and melting during use, contact Valvoline.
  • Do not dilute the product.
  • Improper thinning will affect film formation, drying time, and product performance.
  • Can be applied without air spray or by immersion


Follow these steps to remove the product:

  • Dry film is not normally intended for removal.
  • Citrus or alkaline cleaners will remove fresh debris accumulated on application equipment.


These are some considerations to keep in mind when storing the product:

  • It should be stored at temperatures between 10-35 º C
  • It should be shaken slightly before use.
  • The product should not be frozen.


Adequate ventilation is required for curing and to insure against the formation of combustible liquid. The partially cured film must not be exposed to sources of ignition such as flames, flames, sparks, torches, or excessive heat.

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