Tectyl 5765W A - Water-Based Underlayment

Tectyl 5765W A is an abrasion resistant water based dispersion co-polymer coating for underbody protection.

Tectyl 5765W A - Water-Based Underlayment

Tectyl 5765W A is an abrasion resistant water-based dispersion co-polymer coating developed for underbody protection for buses and trucks.

It can also be used as a total covering for containers, trailers, caravans and other recreational vehicles.

In addition, it offers excellent results as a sealer for wooden floors in buses, trucks and caravans.

Dries to a firm, tough, dark grey, abrasion-proof film.


  • This product is a lubricating oil that meets military specifications.

  • The product is an internal combustion lubricating oil that complies with the corrosion properties of MIL-L-21260.

Surface Preparation

  • The maximum performance of this product can only be achieved when the surfaces to be protected are clean, dry and free of rust and oil.
  • Non-galvanised steel and raw aluminium must be protected with an anticorrosive primer before applying Tectyl 5765W A.


  • Tectyl 5765W A is formulated for use as supplied.

  • Ensures a uniform consistency before use.

  • Avoid contamination with other products in pumps and lines.

  • Tectyl Valvoline recommends that the ambient and product temperature be 10-35 ° C at the time of product application.

  • For application Valvoline recommends airless spraying with a slow moving stainless steel piston pump with a ratio of 45: 1 to 56: 1, a double stroke flow of at least 150 cc.

  • For the gun, a maximum inlet pressure of 345 bar and a reversible nozzle with a minimum 0.017 ”orifice and 40 ° C angle.

  • Do not freeze the product while it cures. 


  • This product is not designed for removal.

  • Tectyl 5765W A in the wet phase can be removed and the spray equipment can be cleaned with water.


  • It should be stored at temperatures between 10-35 º C.
  • The product should be shaken slightly before use.
  • Due to its composition, it can be subject to changes in viscosity after production during storage.
  • In adequate storage conditions, the product is better within 24 months after the date of its production.

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