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Tectyl 472 - Premium Oil-Based Water Displacement Corrosion Compound

Tectyl 472 is a premium oil-based water displacement anticorrosive compound.

Tectyl 472 - Premium Oil-Based Water Displacement Corrosion Compound

Tectyl 472 is a soluble oil-based compound for corrosion prevention and reduction, water repellent, lubricant and penetrating.

It is used for the long-term protection of industrial components during their storage indoors or under cover and during transportation nationwide.

It dries to form an oily, ultralight film that removes fingerprints.


  • Excellent Protection : This product protects parts from corrosion during storage and domestic transportation against corrosion.
  • Easy application: S and be applied by spraying of low pressure air, but also by dipping the pieces in a bath filled with Tectyl 472.
  • Economical: With a thin layer of only 3 microns, a large surface can be protected against corrosion.

Surface Preparation

  • Its maximum performance can be achieved only when the metal surfaces to be protected are clean, dry and free of rust, oil and grinding scales.

  • Valvoline recommends that the temperature of the metal substrate be 10-35 ° C when the product is applied.


  • This product is formulated for use as supplied.
  • A uniform consistency must be ensured before use.
  • Continuous agitation is generally not required.
  • Never dilute the product. This can affect film formation, drying time and product performance. Valvoline recommends that the environment and product temperature be 10-35 ° C at the time of product application.
  • It can be applied by spraying air at low pressure or by immersion.


  • Tectyl 472 can be removed with mineral spirits or any similar petroleum solvent, hot alkaline wash or low pressure steam.
  • It can also be removed with Tectyl Biocleaner.


  • It should be stored at temperatures between 10-35 º C.
  • It should be shaken slightly before use.
  • Due to its composition, during storage it may be subject to changes in viscosity after production.
  • Under proper storage conditions, Tectyl 472 is best within 36 months after the production date.

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