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OSIXO® Solvent 60

OSIXO® Solvent 60

OSIXO® Solvent 60 us a high quality fluorinated solvent. It removes contamination by particles, light oils, and fluoropolymer compounds reliably and effectively.

OSIXO® Solvent 60

OSIXO® Solvent 60 is chemically inert, non-flammable, incombustible, and resistant to aggressive chemicals. Typical applications of OSIXO® Solvent 60 include: cleaning and purging liquid, carrier fluid for fluorinated lubricants, solvents and dilution medium, cleaning of oxygen systems, and as a substitute for CFCs, HCFCs, and PFC. 


OSIXO® Solvent 60 is used for cleaning and purging critical components in various industries. This may involve cleaning delicate parts before assembly or purging systems to remove contaminants. Due to its compatibility with fluorinated lubricants, OSIXO® Solvent 60 can act as a carrier fluid for these lubricants during application. In some cases, OSIXO® Solvent 60 can be used as a solvent or dilution medium for other compatible chemicals.


OSIXO® Solvent 60 effectively removes contamination and is non-reactive with other chemicals making it safe for use on various materials. 

Product name OSIXO Solvent 60
Product category Solvent 
Subcategory Fluorinated solvent

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