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MG Chemicals 847 - Carbon Conductive Paste

MG Chemicals 847 – Carbon Conductive Paste

Experience the power of MG Chemicals 847, a distinctive carbon conductive paste designed to enhance your electrical connections. This silicone-free formula ensures contact between loose or vibrating parts, perfectly filling the gaps and preventing corrosion. Unique for its ability to repel moisture and prevent static build-up, MG Chemicals 847 guarantees your connections are grounded and your sockets revitalised. Elevate your industrial processes with this thixotropic product, and witness improved efficiency and performance. Choose MG Chemicals 847 for unmatched electrical contact and environmental protection. Explore the difference today!

MG Chemicals 847 – Carbon Conductive Paste

Product Overview

The MG Chemicals 847 is a high-quality, carbon-filled conductive paste. This innovative product improves electrical connectivity between stationary components in the same manner as thermal paste enhances thermal connections. The 847 paste does not separate, bleed or migrate. It is thixotropic, implying it can also be utilized as a gap filler to ensure grounded connections or bring back corroded sockets to life.

Key Features and Properties

  • Electrically conductive: The 847 paste is a highly conductive carbon paste that significantly reduces contact resistance. This key characteristic makes it a crucial tool in improving electrical connections.
  • Moisture repellent: Anticipate no moisture-related damages when using this conductive paste. Its design repels moisture, ensuring that your electrical connections remain untouched and safe.
  • Corrosion inhibition: This product prevents corrosion, guaranteeing the longevity and efficiency of your electrical connections.
  • Anti-static: The 847 paste prevents static buildup, protecting your electrical components from possible electrostatic discharge damages.
  • Gap filler: The paste has a thixotropic nature which makes it excellent for filling gaps, thus ensuring grounded connections and reviving corroded sockets.
  • Silicone-free: The absence of silicone in this product makes it safe on a broader range of surfaces without the risk of harmful buildups or reactions.


The MG Chemicals 847 conductive paste is versatile in application. It is designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of various electrical connections, making it a critical tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Here are some of its core applications:

  • Ground connections: This paste is excellent for use in improving conductivity in ground connections.
  • Battery terminals: It also enhances the connectivity between battery terminals, ensuring efficient energy transfer and improved battery life.
  • Bus bars: The 847 paste is ideal for use in bus bars, enhancing the electrical connections therein.
  • Single pole jacks and slide connectors: It ensures efficient and seamless connectivity between loose or vibrating parts in single pole jacks and slide connectors.
  • HVAC connections: This conductive paste can be used to improve the efficiency of HVAC systems by enhancing the electrical connections.
  • Speaker posts: It ensures better sound quality by improving the electrical connections in speaker posts.
  • Fluorescent light pins: The 847 paste can enhance the efficiency of fluorescent lights by improving the connections between light pins.

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