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Krytox GB H0

Krytox™ GB H0 – PFPE Gearbox Grease

Krytox™ GB HO Grease is used for high loads and low speeds and is made from oxygen, fluorine and carbon.

Krytox™ GB H0 – PFPE Gearbox Grease

Krytox™ GB HO Grease is used for high loads and low speeds. Greases with EP additives have a high load capacity and good lubrication characteristics under mixed and high friction conditions. In addition to the extreme pressure additive in Krytox™ GPL 215 Long Life Grease, Krytox™ Oil provides excellent performance in high-pressure applications on its own due to its viscosity build-up under load and its unique chemical composition.

Composition of Krytox™ GB H0

  • Oxygen
  • Fluorine
  • Carbon

Properties and Benefits of Krytox™ Gear Case Lubricants

  • Krytox™ products contain a perfluoropolyether (PFPE)-based polymer composed of fluorine, oxygen and carbon. There is no presence of hydrogen in the molecule, which is why they have the following properties:
    • They are not reactive
    • These products are not flammable
    • They are safe in hostile environments
    • Long-lasting
    • Compatible with all sealant materials


Krytox™ High-Performance Lubricants are ideal for these applications because they retain their properties and continue to perform in the harshest environments, with a life that may even exceed that of the gearbox itself. Krytox™ greases greatly reduce or eliminate the need for maintenance and relubrication.

Greases like Krytox™ GB H0 also offer other benefits to gearboxes:

  • Prolonged lubricity and load capacity
  • Resistance to acid or caustic cleaners and disinfectants, steam and moisture
  • Prevents gears and bearings from sticking by not forming sludge or varnish

Why Choose Krytox™ High-Performance Lubricants

  • One of the most important points is that they provide remarkably consistent lubrication in extreme temperatures and do not rust, even in service temperatures up to 350°C. Without the typical thermal degradation of conventional lubricants, Krytox™ greases will not form sludge or varnish, reducing common causes of gearbox failure while extending gear life. Plus, Krytox™ greases offer more benefits that distinguish them from other gearbox lubricants. Special properties include:
    • Superior corrosion resistance and no rusting, even at extreme temperatures
    • They are not flammable
    • They do not contain silicones
    • They are chemically and biologically inert
    • They have a minimal environmental impact
    • Contains no volatile organic compound (VOC) materials or chlorine

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