Jax Magna Plate 220 FG

Magna Plate 220 FG is a high-performance semi-synthetic oil for speed reducers.

Jax Magna Plate 220 FG

Magna Plate 220 FG is a high-performance semi-synthetic oil for speed reducers.

Properties Magna Plate 220 FG

The Magna Plate FG line of NSF H1 certified oils for the food industry are designed for applications that were previously too severe for food-grade oils. They are formulated using modern technological development in food grade additives. Jax MagnaPlate FG ISO gearbox oils provide maximum protection against wear, corrosion, oxidation and additives.

These are some of its most relevant features:

  • Extreme pressure protection for systems that support high loads.
  • Recommended for gear, piston and rotary pumps.
  • Includes corrosion, oxidation and foaming inhibitor.
  • Hydrolytic stability and complete separation of water.

Product benefits

Below we will review the main advantages of the product:

  • Superior Extreme Pressure Protection: The ability to form a tough lubricating film allows this line of oils to meet the requirements for gearbox oils established by the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA).
  • Superior Additive Performance: These oils are formulated with advanced additive technology to provide superior performance over other food-grade oils on the market. They contain an optimized combination of anti-wear agents, corrosion inhibitors and viscosity-enhancing polymers. These give them long-term advantages in wear protection compared to other food-grade oils. In addition, its anti-wear chemistry ensures deposit-free operation.
  • Water Resistance: Hydrolytic stability and demulsifying ability are important characteristics provided by Jax Magna-Plate FG ISO oils. The prevention of the formation of oil/water emulsions prolongs the useful life of the oil and improves the performance of the equipment by simplifying the drainage of water from the reducer generated by the environment, process humidity or condensation.


The Jax Magna-Plate FG ISO line of gearbox oils is recommended for industrial applications operating under high loads and extreme conditions.

  • Applications include, but are not limited to, spur, bevel, worm, helical and double helical gears; chains and other systems that require great extreme pressure performance.
  • These lubricants are excellent in severe operations and due to their semi-synthetic properties, they maintain performance in different climates.


These oils are compatible with the seals found in a reducer, mineral oils and most synthetic oils. For optimal performance, it is recommended that the system be completely drained. If it is under warranty, do a cleaning prior to installation. The JAX Magna-Plate FG ISO line, as well as other mineral and synthetic oils, is not compatible with polyalkylene glycol (PAG) type oils. In addition, it requires flushing prior to the total change.

Regulations and performance requirements

Next. These are the regulations with which the product complies:

  • NSF H1 certified.
  • Kosher and Parve certification.

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