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KAJO Lubricants Bottle

KAJO BIO 2050 – Biodegradable Chain Lubricating Oil

KAJO BIO 2050 is a biodegradable saw chain adhesive oil made from specially treated vegetable oils.

KAJO BIO 2050 – Biodegradable Chain Lubricating Oil

KAJO BIO 2050 is a chain saw lubricating oil made from specially treated vegetable oils. 


KAJO BIO 2050 is an oil made from raw materials that improve behaviour in the area of ​​mixed friction.

  • Vegetable oils
  • Additives based on natural products


Some of the main properties of this ecological and sustainable product of the KAJO brand are the following:

  • It has excellent lubrication and high adhesiveness.
  • Thanks to the above properties, it remains at the lubrication point and can also reduce the coefficients of friction and minimise wear.
  • Additivation with antioxidants leads to a prolongation of the useful life. 


The KAJO BIO 2050 adhesive oil indicated for saw chains also has the following applications:

  • Fast running engine lubrication
  • It is also used to lubricate power saws for all types of wood.
  • Lubrication of sliding tracks and chain locking devices during wood transportation.

Biodegradable lubricant

One of the most important characteristics of this saw chain lubricating oil is that it is 100% biodegradable . Keep in mind that it must be used properly, therefore, contact us and one of our agents will guide you throughout the process. 

  • The radiocarbon C 14 method according to ASTM D 6866 demonstrates this without a doubt.
  • When used correctly, it is toxicologically recognised as safe and practically harmless to surface and groundwater, as it biodegrades easily and completely. 


KAJO-BIO 2050 lubricating oil for saw chains complies with the following regulations that we see below:

  • Federal Environment Agency
  • Service Capacity (KWF) 
  • Certified with the Blue Angel eco-label according to RAL-UZ 178.
  • It has the European Ecolabel, reg. DE / 027/001. 

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