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bio temperature flow grease G

KAJO BIO Temperature Flow Grease G – Organic grease

The product KAJO BIO Temperature Flow Grease is a fat low temperature flow. It has the Ecolabel and Blue Angel labels.

KAJO BIO Temperature Flow Grease G – Organic grease

The product KAJO BIO Temperature Flow Grease is a fat low temperature flow. 


This low temperature flow grease from KAJO is based on natural raw materials. These natural materials are synthesised with inorganic thickeners to provide a class of environmentally neutral consistency.


This special fat has the following properties:

  • It is easily biodegradable, therefore suitable for sensitive environments.
  • It has a strong adhesiveness of basic oils on metal surfaces, as well as selected additives.
  • One of its main properties is its excellent resistance to water.
  • Provides extensive protection against corrosion.


KAJO BIO Temperature Flow Grease G ecological grease is suitable for automatic centralised lubrication installations in the following sectors:

  • Industrial sector in general.
  • Industry automotive .
  • Railway sector .

Within the automotive sector, it can in particular be applied to utility vehicles in accordance with DIN 75203 and DIN 24271. In addition, it is particularly suitable for the lubrication of underground wheel flanges or rail vehicles above ground. In these applications, the brand has long-term experience for the different seasons in winter and summer.


This product has regulations that specify the technical requirements that the product meets. In addition, it also includes the percentage of renewable raw materials with which it has been produced. This lubricating oil has the following regulations that we see below:

  • Certified with the European Union Ecolabel, with registration number DE / 027/039
  • Qualified with the environmental label “Blauer Engel” (Blue Angel) according to RAL-UZ 178.


This low temperature flow grease has the following approvals:

  • Deutsche Tecalemit, for discharge installations up to –25 ° C.
  • Vogel / SKF
  • Of lemon
  • Rebs
  • Beka-Max
  • Fersistema
  • VOSSLOH Nordic Switch Systems.

About KAJO

KAJO is a manufacturer of special lubricants, greases and coloured pastes that has almost 50 years of experience in the market. Likewise, its products are designed for industries that need lubricants with the following characteristics:

  • sustainability
  • technology
  • high performance

Furthermore,  technology, innovation and the environment  are its main hallmarks. The environment is what KAJO has focused on since the late 1980s. Consequently, it created a specific range of superior quality and sustainability, as certified by the  EU Ecolabel  and  Blue Angel environmental labels  KAJO was therefore the first company to apply for the European Ecolabel.

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