Jax Halo-Guard FG-PM H1 Food Grade Grease

Jax Halo-Guard FG-PM is a complex calcium sulfonate and Micronox multipurpose grease for high loads and temperatures, resistant to water, excellent pumpability, good corrosion protection, high wear protection and with EP NLGI 2.5 properties. and H1 certification.

Jax Halo-Guard FG-PM H1 Food Grade Grease

Jax Halo-Guard FG-PM is a carefully selected formulation that provides exceptional mechanical stability, very high load carrying capacity and outstanding rust and corrosion control.

In addition, Jax Halo-Guard FG-PM has excellent water resistance and excellent high temperature performance characteristics, making it a high performance, food grade, oil mill and other highly loaded application. JAX Halo-Guard FG-PM meets the requirements of f 21 CFR 178.3570 (lubricants with incidental food contact).

Composition of Jax Halo-Guard FG

  • calcium sulfonate
  • additives


  • Outstanding rust and corrosion control
  • Unmatched EP and anti-wear properties
  • Very good compatibility with most greases
  • Excellent oxidation stability at high temperature
  • Excellent pumpability characteristics
  • Resistance to washing with water and chemicals
  • Food grade H1


Can be used in:

  • Highly Loaded Gear Set
  • Bearings.
  • Conveyor belts
  • presses
  • packaging machines
  • Material handling equipment


  • NSF H-1 for incidental food contact
  • ISO 21469 certification

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