marinegrease 320

KAJO BIO Marinegrease 320 - Special ecological grease

KAJO BIO Marinegrease 320 is a special organic grease, saponified with lithium. It has the Ecolabel and Blue Angel labels.

KAJO BIO Marinegrease 320 - Special ecological grease

KAJO BIO Marinegrease 320 – Special ecological grease

KAJO BIO Marinegrease 320 is a special ecological grease, saponified with lithium.


KAJO BIO Marinegrease 320 organic grease has the following properties:

  • Developed for applications that require ecological lubricants.
  • Indicated for sensitive environments.
  • It is resistant to rain washing.
  • Resistant to washing by salt water.


KAJO BIO Marinegrease 320 meets universal requirements for application on ship decks and port equipment. Therefore, it is recommended in the following areas:

  • It is suitable for lubricating roller bearings and friction bearings.
  • It is suitable for lubricating mechanical cables.
  • It can also be used to seal coatings with grease lubricated tubular glues.

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This ecological grease has regulations that specify the technical requirements that said product meets. In addition, there is also the percentage of renewable raw materials with which it has been produced:

  • It has the Blue Angel environmental label in accordance with RAL-UZ 178.
  • Awarded the Ecolabel Ecolabel of the European Union, with the registration number DE / 027/253.
  • It also meets the requirements of USA EPA 2013.

About KAJO

KAJO is a manufacturer of special lubricants, greases and coloured pastes that has almost 50 years of experience in the market. Likewise, its products are designed for industries that need lubricants with the following characteristics:

  • sustainability
  • technology
  • high performance

Furthermore, technology, innovation and the environment are its main hallmarks. The environment is what KAJO has focused on since the late 1980s. Consequently, it created a specific range of superior quality and sustainability, as certified by the  EU Ecolabel  and  Blue Angel environmental labels KAJO was therefore the first company to apply for the European Ecolabel.

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