Krytox 1514

Krytox 1514 Performance Vacuum Pump Oil

Krytox™ LVP high-vacuum grease performs over extremes of temperature and pressure that hydrocarbon, silicone, and chlorofluorocarbon greases can’t match. From –15–300 °C (0–570 °F), at vapor pressures as low as 10–13 mmHg, and in even the most chemically severe environments, Krytox™.

Krytox 1514 Performance Vacuum Pump Oil

Krytox 1514 Oil is used in in testing environments and applications where conventional vacuum pump oils cause issues with waste disposal, safety and maintenance. 1514 is distilled for lower to middle temperature operation; making it a popular choice for manufacturing, maintenance and repair teams that are tasked with working in the colder, more challenging environments.

Composition Krytox 1514

  • Boiling sulfuric acid
  •  Fluorine gas at 200 °C (392 °F)
  •  Chlorine trifluoride at 10–50 °C (50–122 °F)
  • Uranium hexafluoride gas at 50 °C (122 °F)
  • Molten sodium or potassium hydroxide at 318–360 °C
    (605–680 °F)
  • Hydrogen gas at 250 °C (482 °F) and 250 psi
  • Ammonia gas at 250 °C (482 °F) and 50 psi


  • High temperature resistance
  • High pressure resistance

Krytox 1514 Applications 

• Sealant or lubricant in vacuum systems
• High-temperature bearing, valve, and O-ring lubricant
• Oven conveyor chain and bearing grease
• Pressure relief valve lubricant
• Any use that requires high-temperature stability, low vapour pressure, or chemical inertness

Sizes Available

  • 0.5kg
  • 1kg
  • 5kg
  • 20kg
  • 200kg

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