Krytox GPL 227 Performance Lubricant

Krytox GPL 227 has an oil viscosity of 450 cSt at 40 ° C. The estimated useful temperature range is -30 ° C to 288 ° C. Krytox GPL 227  grease is a white grease with the same properties as Krytox oil. GPL 107 of which it is made. This product is NSF H-1 Food Grade certified  , providing safe, non-toxic and inert performance in food related operations.

Krytox GPL 227 Performance Lubricant

Krytox GPL 227 Grease provides protection against oxidation, high temperature, corrosion and antiwear. It has excellent lubrication in a wide temperature range of up to a continuous temperature of 260’c. GPL 227 is non-flammable, oxygen compatible, chemically inert and NSF-H1 certified (accidental food contact).

Krytox enables long lubrication intervals and longer equipment life.

The fully fluoridated high temperature stability of the Krytox GPL 227 provides total savings in increased reliability and reduced grease and labour usage through long relubrication intervals. The excellent film strength reduces wear to reduce maintenance costs. Under high loads, the viscosity increases to provide support and absorb pressure.

Composition of GPL 227

  • Carbon, oxygen and fluorine
  • Krytox GPL 107 oil
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene additive

Krytox GPL 227 features

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Good resistance to water
  • superior performance with advanced high temperature stability characteristics
  • Non-flammability
  • Chemical and biological inert
  • High load capacity

GPL 227 Applications 

    • Bearings for corrugated cardboard
    • Paper machine
    • Bearings for manufacturing aluminum cans
    • Vacuum spraying machines
    • Welding machines
    • Linear bearings
    • High temperature fans
    • Clean rooms
    • Chlorine service
    • Textile equipment
    • Turnbuckle racks
    • High speed motors
    • Engine lifetime sealed instrument bearings
    • Conveyor system in glass and aluminium plants
    • Bearings for the textile sector
    • Bearings for brick kilns
    • CV joints
    • Wheel bearings
    • Universal joints
    • Clutch Slide Bearings
    • Conveyor bearings for paint plants
    • Fan bearings
    • Valve lubrication
    • Starter bearings.

GPL 227 regulations

  • ASTM D2595
  • ASTM D6184
  • NSF H-1 for “accidental food contact”

Sizes Available

Syringe Tube Jar Cartridge Pail
0.5 oz. 2 oz. 0.5 kg 0.8 kg 5 kg
1 oz. 4 oz. 1 kg 7 kg
2 oz. 8 oz. 20 kg

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