KRYTOX™ XHT-BDX High Temperature Performance Lubricant

Krytox™ XHT-BDX oil is a special extreme high temperature grease with low oil evaporation that are thickened with a non-melting thickener to allow use at temperatures above the melting point of common greases.

Overall, Krytox™ XHT-BDX provides paramount performance at a wide temperature range; making it a lubrication option for many teams and industries that cost, performance and efficiency are at the forefront of success.

KRYTOX™ XHT-BDX High Temperature Performance Lubricant

Characteristics of Krytox™ XHT-BDX

Krytox™ XHT-BDX and the XHT series are designed for use in extremely high temperature environments. A range of products with various additives and viscosities allow the XHT series to perform extremely well under a wide temperature range; making it a product of choice for many manufacturing, maintenance and repair teams to lower costs and optimise their processes.

Krytox™ XHT-BDX Compatibility with Metals

Due to their low surface tensions, Krytox™ oils easily wet metallic surfaces and, because of their inertness, they have little or no adverse effect on metals. Testing of metals at 340 °C (644 °F) in the absence of air has shown little evidence of corrosion. In the presence of air, corrosion was slightly higher. The presence of molybdenum in the metals improved corrosion resistance.


  • Bearings
  • Paint plant conveyor bearings
  • Welding machines
  • High temperature fans
  • Textile equipment
  • Tenter frames
  • Textile calendar roll bearings
  • Brick kiln car bearings
  • Valve lubrication
  • Ventilation fan bearing grease
  • Rod mills
  • High temperature ovens
  • Conveyor systems in glass and aluminium plants
  • Corrugator and paper machine bearings
  • Aluminium can manufacturing bearings


  • ASTM D2595

Sizes Available

Syringe Tube Jar Cartridge Pail
0.5 oz. 2 oz. 0.5 kg 0.8 kg 5 kg
1 oz. 4 oz. 1 kg 7 kg
2 oz. 8 oz. 20 kg

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