Molykote G-1502 FM – Synthetic Gear & Bearing Grease

Molykote G-1502 FM is a bearing and gear grease.

Molykote G-1502 FM – Synthetic Gear & Bearing Grease

Mechanical equipment operating in a water-rich environment requires special lubrication strong enough to perform effectively, in turn resisting water spray and preventing wear and corrosion. Molykote G-1502FM Synthetic Gear and Bearing Grease offer that combination.

Of 10 greases tested, this product best-demonstrated ability to minimise both fat loss and wear cracking. In high-pressure spray and wash environments, it lasts longer and increases equipment life, extending maintenance intervals.

Composition  Molykote G-1502 FM

  • Full Aluminium Thickener
  • Polyalphaolefin-based oil

Features Molykote G-1502 FM

  • Good water resistance
  • Barrier against moisture
  • Good compatibility with plastics and rubber
  • Regulatory approval for drinking water
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Good antioxidant stability
  • Good thermal stability

Molykote G-1502 FM Application

  • Suitable for applications where sticky grease is preferred or required, such as chains, cams, open gears, valves and pinions where flushing by water is problematic or loss of adhesion of grease cannot be tolerated.

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