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Molykote 1000 - Solid Lubricant Paste

Molykote 1000 is a solid, non-stick, lead and nickel free lubricant paste used to reduce wear and optimise friction of threaded fasteners or other metal-to-metal joints, allowing non-destructive disassembly, even after long exposure to high temperatures.

Molykote 1000 - Solid Lubricant Paste


  • Solid lubricants
  • Mineral oil
  • Thickener
  • Powder metal

Properties and benefits

  • High load capacity
  • Good protection against corrosion
  • Wide temperature range

Molykote 1000 applications

  • Suitable for bolted joints that are subjected to corrosive effects (offshore applications) and high temperatures up to 650 ° C (1202 ° F) which after assembly and initial operation must be readjusted or disconnected. In order to guarantee constant pre-tensioning forces, uniform and stable friction coefficients of the lubricant are required.
  • Used successfully for cylinder head bolts, nozzle head bolts of plastic injection molding machines bolted seals in the chemical industry.
  • Tensioner Rings of Centrifuges

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