Molykote M-77 - Solid Lubricant Paste

Molykote M-77 is a solid lubricating paste with silicone carrier oil.

Molykote M-77 - Solid Lubricant Paste

Composition Molykote M-77

  • Polyphenylmethyl siloxane oil
  • Lithium soap
  • Molybdenum disulfide

Properties Molykote M-77

  • Lubrication up to + 230 ° C (+ 446 ° F), dry lubrication up to + 400 ° C (+ 662 ° F)
  • Good water resistance
  • Good volatilization properties
  • Compatible with many types of elastomers and plastics (tested for compatibility)

Molykote M-77 Applications

  • Suitable for lubrication points with low to moderate loads and low speeds that are subject to water and extreme temperatures. At temperatures above 230 ° C (446 ° F), the conveyor volatilizes with virtually no residue, and the remaining dry slip film provides lubrication up to + 400 ° C (+ 662 ° F).
  • Suitable for lubricating parts consisting of materials that are not resistant to mineral oils
  • Used successfully in metal/metal combinations with friction and contact surfaces, brake anchor plates and disc brake pistons.

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