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PG 54

Molykote PG 54 – Silicone Grease

Molykote PG 54 is a high-performance grease for plastic/plastic, plastic/metal and rubber/metal combinations involving slow to medium-fast movements and light to medium loads.

Molykote PG 54 – Silicone Grease

Composition PG 54

  • Silicone base oil
  • Lithium complex thickener
  • EP additives
  • Solid lubricants

Properties PG 54

  • High resistance to oxidation
  • Low evaporation
  • Wide service temperature range. From: -50ºC to 180ºC (-58ºF to 356ºF)
  • Good low-temperature performance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Very good protection against corrosion
  • Excellent compatibility with most plastics and rubbers

PG 54 applications

  • Bearings of bearings, gears and chains
  • Sealing rings, slide guides and switches
  • Flexible control cables
  • Which are typically found in:
  • Bowden Cable Control Systems
  • Electric motors and gearboxes
  • Appliances and garden
  • Automotive Brake Systems
  • Automotive clutch systems
  • It is used in brake boosters, brake shoe guide bolts, silent lock bushings, audio and video cassettes, water pump gaskets, control cables, and on washing machine and dishwasher sliding mating surfaces.

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