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Araldite LY 1564 / Aradur 917 / Accelerator 960-1

Araldite LY 1564 / Aradur 917 and Accelerator 960-1 is a low-viscosity epoxy-based chemical system with a long working time. The system is easy to process, has good fibre impregnation properties, and exhibits excellent mechanical properties.

Araldite LY 1564 / Aradur 917 / Accelerator 960-1

Araldite LY 1564 with Aradur 917 and Accelerator 960-1 is an epoxy chemical-based system that cures from 80ºC for the manufacturing of high-performance composite parts.

  • Araldite LY 1564  is an epoxy resin.
  • Aradur 917 is an anhydride hardener.
  • Accelerator 960-1 is an amine accelerator.


  • It has a low viscosity at room temperature in combination with a long working time.
  • Very short cure cycles can be achieved at cure temperatures above 120°C for economical manufacturing.
  • The system shows good fibre impregnation properties and is easy to process.
  • The curing system has excellent mechanical properties.

Applications of Araldite LY 1564 with Aradur 917 and Accelerator 960-1

  • Industrial composites
    • Tubes
    • Pipelines
    • Profiles


  • Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
  • Filament winding
  • Pultrusion
  • Pressure moulding

Processing recommendations

The gel temperature should not be higher than absolutely necessary. A high gelling temperature induces high shrinkage and generates internal stresses.


As long as Araldite LY 556, Aradur 917 and Accelerator 960-1 are stored in a dry place in their original, tightly closed containers at the storage temperatures listed on the MSDS, they will have the shelf life indicated on the labels. Partially emptied containers must be closed immediately after use. Because Aradur 917 is sensitive to moisture, storage containers should be ventilated with dry air only.

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