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At Antala, we have a long history with some of the most respected companies in the railway industry. By providing solutions that help to improve production processes, innovations in design, compliance with safety standards, and lower costs, we work on the fundamental factors for success. We offer you a personalised technical support service and can help you find the most economical solution for your needs.

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Our range of products for the railway industry contains a selection of bonding, lubricating, sealing and paving solutions for all railway segments; from high-speed, national and regional trains, to subway, suburban and freight trains, and their infrastructures.

Our solutions help to reduce maintenance costs, facilitate the design of parts and allow the development of light rail structures that optimise both aesthetics and energy efficiency. Thanks to our extensive experience in the aerospace industry, our products for the railway industry go beyond the improvement of mechanical properties, adding new features such as flame retardant (fire retardant), smoke reduction and limiting toxic emissions.

In Europe, the increase in mobility and the concern for energy efficiency and care for the environment has put the development of avant-garde innovations in the spotlight to promote rail as the main means of transport. In this context, high performance adhesives play a fundamental role, since they provide solid, advanced and innovative solutions for all types of joints in the railway industry.

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