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Reduce Noise in Electric Vehicle Battery Packs with Lubricants

In this case study, we explore how a Molykote lubricant has successfully been used to reduce noise in electric vehicle battery packs.

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reduce noise in electric vehicle battery packs

Case Study: Reduce Noise in Electric Vehicle Battery Packs with Lubricants

The Client

A battery supplier for an automotive manufacturer in China was looking to reduce noise in their battery packs to improve the driver and passenger experience for their electric vehicles.

As vehicle electrification grows within the transportation industry, the consumer demand for electric vehicles (EVs) also grows. As a result, battery manufacturers are finding opportunities to meet the expanding market’s needs. EV and battery manufacturers, therefore, seek lightweight, compact solutions to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

The Problem

The battery company had discovered that the battery pack made excess noise as a result of the sudden change in temperature caused by starting the battery liquid cooling system. This caused the screws that connect the cooling plate to the battery pack to rattle and make noise.

The supplier required a lubricating solution that would address the NVH concern and provide adequate insulation properties to protect the components from temperature changes.

The Solution

MOLYKOTE® specialists determined that the ideal solution that would both reduce the noise and provide the thermal insulation properties demanded by the application was the MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste.

To ensure this, they carried out various tests against other lubricants to see which one could best meet the battery manufacturer’s requirements. The team discovered that while most of the technologies could meet some of the requirements, only the silicone-based MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste, with its MoS2 solid lubricant, was able to both reduce the noise and meet the insulation needs.

The Benefits

MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste can successfully reduce noise in electric vehicle battery packs and protect components across a wide range of temperatures. It is suitable for low to moderate loads and low speeds that are subjected to water and extreme temperatures. Other suitable applications for this lubricant include battery packs, brake anchor plates, disc brake pistons, and other metal-to-metal frictional and contact surfaces.

This solution allowed the elimination of the housings of battery modules; instead bonding individual cells directly to the cooling plate, a strategy known as “cell-to-pack.” This led to a smoother, quieter driving experience for the electric vehicles produced.

MOLYKOTE® M-77 Paste delivers:

  • Paste lubrication up to +230°C (+446°F); dry lubrication up to +400°C (+662°F)
  • Good water resistance
  • Good volatilisation properties, leaving virtually no residue
  • Compatibility with many types of elastomers and plastics

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