Cleaning and removing silicone adhesives

It can be a challenge trying to clean and remove silicone adhesives from industrial equipment and surfaces. Silicone adhesives are known for forming strong bonds and having chemical and heat resistant adhesive properties, making it messy, time-consuming and difficult to remove.

Cleaning and removing silicone adhesives

Dowsil formerly Dow Corning have developed two cleaning solutions to remove silicone adhesive sealants in the workplace. For uncured silicones, there is the Dowsil DS-1000 Aqueous Silicone Cleaner and for cured silicones, Dowsil DS-2025.

Dowsil DS-1000

Dowsil DS-1000Dowsil DS-1000 formerly Dow Corning DS-1000 is an aqueous silicone cleaner that removes silicone deposits on surfaces, tools, pipes and manufacturing equipment.

The cleaning solvent is developed to solubilize and remove silicone oils, grease and uncured silicone materials from surfaces.


  • Aqueous solution
  • Non-flammable
  • Emulsifies silicone oils, greases and uncured elastomers
  • Effective degreaser
  • Complies with EU detergent regulation

Available in 500ml bottles.

Dowsil DS-2025

Dowsil DS-2025Dowsil DS-2025, formerly Dow Corning DS-2025 is a hydrocarbon based silicone cleaning solvent used to clean and removed uncured silicone from surfaces, equipment and manufacturing units. The solvent contains a depolymerisation catalyst that rapidly digests, and dissolves the cured silicone, leaving a silicone free surface.

Dowsil DS-2025 can be collected, stored and reused up to 10 times, making it a cost-effective long-term product.


  • High flash point
  • Non-flammable
  • Low viscosity
  • Does not contain aromatic or halogenated solvent
  • Multiple use and reusable
  • Compatible with most construction materials

It is highly recommended to use the Dow Corning DS-1000 after using DS-2025 Silicone Cleaning Solvent.

Available in 500ml bottles.

Example of the Dowsil DS-2025 used to remove cured silicone from a plastic pipe

Example of Dowsil DS-2025 on a plastic pipe

Dow Corning RSH-0749 silicone was applied to the outside of a plastic pipe. The pipe was left to stand in Dowsil DS-2025 Silicone Cleaning Solvent overnight at room temperature. The pipe was then rinsed with water and dried.

How to remove Silicones from Industrial Equipment and Surfaces

To see both products in action, click on the video below.

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