Oxygen-Safe Sealants for Ventilation Services

Are you a provider of ventilation or air-conditioning services looking to seal pipes and protect equipment sustainably and safely? This article will explore how BAM certified Permabond sealants can greatly help your business achieve that.

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Sealing for Ventilation

Manufacturers and providers of ventilation services require quality sealants to assemble, protect and seal their equipment, ensuring high-performance. The problem, however, is that many standard anaerobic sealants cannot be used in oxygen-rich environments due to their molecular instability, which can cause fires or explosions. As a result, accidentally choosing one of these self-igniting sealants can be an extremely costly, time-consuming and potentially fatal mistake.

Due to this risky application, adhesive and sealant experts at Permabond have developed non-flammable, oxygen-safe and thermally stable sealants to be used specifically in oxygen-rich environments. The demand for these sealants is now higher than ever, in response to COVID-19 related ventilator manufacturing.

These sealants can be used in applications ranging from:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Air purifiers
  • Ventilation systems (including critical-care ventilators)

Benefits of Permabond Oxygen-Safe Sealants

Through the use of Permabond oxygen-safe sealants, ventilation suppliers can benefit from:

  • Complete non-flammability: the unique formulation is BAM approved and completely safe for contact with gaseous oxygen up to 60°C and 10 bar.
  • Vibration-proof sealing: by dampening vibrations, the sealant protects intricate components within the ventilation systems from external forces and shocks.
  • No cracking or shrinking: the cured sealant doesn’t crack or shrink; ensuring long-term sealing with minimal degradation.
  • Greater durability of equipment: through protecting the equipment, the sealant extends the life of the equipment, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Particle-free formula: the sealant contains nothing that could potentially block valves or pipes.
  • High structural strength: through sealing threaded joints, the structural strength of the bonded unit is improved.
  • Lightweight applications: Permabond sealants are lightweight, allowing the equipment to be easily portable.
  • Application in obscure and tight spaces: Permabond sealants can provide effective sealing even in complex-shaped spaces.
  • Easy use: Permabond sealants can be applied anywhere from an assembly line to a shop workspace, due to their ease of application.
  • Environmental friendliness: the frequency of maintenance is reduced by providing long-term protective sealing, thereby greatly reducing extra materials, waste and impact on the environment.

Permabond MH052 Sealant for Ventilation

Permabond MH052 is an oxygen-safe (BAM approved) anaerobic sealant designed for providing an instant low-pressure seal in threaded pipe joints. Through its excellent chemical resistance, it provides a seal against various materials and contaminants, ranging from gas, water, LPG, hydrocarbons, oils and other chemicals. Permabond MH052 seals to the burst rating of the pipe and extends the life of the components by providing long-term sealing that doesn’t shred or dry out. It is approved for use up to 60°C with gaseous oxygen for working pressures up to 10 bar (145psi) and natural gas and LPG up to 20 bar (290psi). Through lubricating the threaded pipe joints, it allows for easy assembly and low risk of cross-threading. In addition, it holds the DVGW (gas and water) and WRAS (drinking water) certificates. It can be used for easy repair, maintenance and overhaul applications by suppliers of ventilation systems.

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