Case Study: Sealing Industrial Furnaces with Molykote BR-2 Plus

In this article, we explore the main advantages of using Molykote BR-2 Plus in sealing industrial furnaces.

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Case Study: Sealing Industrial Furnaces with Molykote

In order to understand how industrial experts were successful in sealing industrial furnaces with Molykote, we will explore the context, the problem and the way it was solved.

The Problem

Our client, a manufacturer of industrial ovens and furnaces, noticed wear and tear on the contact plates of the telescopic guides of their ovens. The grease used on the contact plates had oxidised as a result of repeated exposure to +130°C heat and dust. This resulted in the furnace seal failing, leading to gases being released into the atmosphere. The grease used, a Lithium thickened grease which contained EP (extreme pressure) additives, was unable to resist the high temperatures of the furnace nor the abrasive dust particles. 

This problem was damaging the client with maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) costs, in addition to reducing their production efficiency.

Operational Parameters

  • Load:  High impact load.
  • Environment:  Exterior dust and heat exposure.
  • Temperature:  -40 to +130 ° . 
  • Speed:  Up to 1.5 m / s . 
  • Process description:  Centralised lubrication system (lubrication on the sliding surfaces). 

The Solution

The company contacted Molykote representatives about this problem, who suggested Molykote BR2-Plus Multi-Purpose Grease as a solution.

Through using Molykote BR-2 Plus, a grease with solid lubricants, the life of the oven sealing gasket was extended from 6 months to 24 months, reducing the cost, frequency of maintenance and downtime of the equipment.

The Benefits

Molykote BR-2 Plus provides good adhesion, wear and corrosion protection, as well as long-term stability. The product is able to resist wear and degradation of the guides from constant heating, through forming a thin film of solid lubricants on the substrate surfaces.

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