Antala provides solutions to commercial vehicle manufacturers engaged in the transport of passengers, goods and services. Our stocked products are designed and developed under the strictest regulations in the sector and support both manufacturing and repair. Our manufacturing and aftermarket products ensure that vehicles maintain their structural integrity and appearance long after they leave the factory by ensuring quality.

Our technologies for transport/bus industry

We offer industrial adhesives, sealants, lubricants and surface treatments designed to improve vehicle performance and meet industry regulations. The range includes adhesives with long open times, temperature resistance, as well as lightweight, elastic and impact resistant solutions.

Coatings for Transport Industry

The tradition, quality, reliability and performance of COX ™ dispensers originally manufactured and supplied by PC COX since 1958 continue into the future as part of the Sulzer Mixpac product portfolio.

Automotive Applications

For over 20 years, our automotive solutions have been used by major OEMs to meet design requirements and performance demands. We provide solutions for structural bonding, direct glazing, automotive molding, engine and powertrain and sealing and protection for the modern automobile.

Structural Connections

Car window adhesive


Engine & Traction

Sealing and Protection

NVH lubrication

Featured trasnport/bus products

We have a wide range of industrial adhesives and sealants that improve vehicle performance. Our adhesives are designed to make your joints and assemblies very robust, reducing the costs of production processes and without affecting safety. Our automotive adhesive technologies make the installation of items such as door panels, dashboards, pillars and other vehicle interior components faster, easier and smarter.

Technical Articles from the transport/bus industry

Below you can find the latest technical articles from the for Transport/bus sector that have been published on our industry blog. 

Foam Gaskets

A Guide To Silicone Dispensed Foam Gaskets

Silicone Dispensed Foam Gaskets: Sealing and Gasketing Dispensed silicone discussion – gaskets and seals terminology Unique properties of silicone What are silicone dispensed foam gaskets

LED Lighting Product Guide

LED Lighting Product Selection Guide

Imagine a brighter future with material solutions for lighting Dow solutions for LED lighting Silicone innovations for high-performance lighting Your customers and end-users demand brighter,


Adhesives for Vehicle Electrification

Electrification is the future of automotive engineering. In this article we explore vehicle electrification and the benefits it provides to automotive consumers and manufacturers.

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