2K Silicone Adhesive Dow Corning EA-2626

We present the new dosing machine produced by Intecprocess designed specifically for dispensing of 2k adhesives based Dow Corning silicone.

The Doss-K series is a range of machines able to solve most generic applications in 2k adhesives. Designed and built on the knowledge gained from years of experience providing technical solutions to application processes and 2k adhesives resins in different industrial sectors.

Basic characteristics of Doss-K series

RTV 2K Silicone Adhesive

These 2k silicone based adhesives cure at room temperature after mixing two parts.
The main advantage of these silicones is rapid cure time, which shortens processing times and increased production rates.
Unlike one-component RTV silicones, 2k RTV silicones are suitable for use in confined spaces (not need the ambient humidity) and can be used with large thicknesses.
Homogeneously cured along the surface when dispensed.

Benefits over the single-component silicone adhesive RTV

Generally, bicomponent adhesive RTV silicone mixed and dispensed with similar robotic systems to Intecprocces Doss-K series.

The parts to be bonded must be coupled quickly before the sealant has time to harden and the resulting assembly should not be exposed to mechanical stress during curing.


Automotive (headlights, direction indicators …)

A typical example in automobile manufacturing is the union of polycarbonate or glass (glass lenses) to the housing reflector headlights and fog lights.

Appliances (furnaces, Glass ceramics …)

Bicomponents. These adhesives are a perfect solution in the manufacture of appliances, especially for the installation of furnaces and granite ceramic device and for bonding glass to metal, glass to metal or glass painted plastic.

General industry

Any type of automated industrial application in which an adhesive silicone sealant is required with rapid curing.

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