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At Antala, we have a long history with some of the most important companies in the marine industry. Providing solutions that help to improve their production processes, innovation in design, compliance with safety standards, and lower costs, which are fundamental factors for success. We offer a personalised technical support service and can help you find the most economical solution for your needs.

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Products for the marine industry must withstand some of the most aggressive environmental conditions on the planet, from exposure to UV radiation to sudden changes in temperature, all constantly subjected to a highly saline environment.

It is therefore essential that these products come from a reliable supplier, who has a reputation for providing high quality solutions. Antala, a leader in adhesives, sealants and surface preparation technologies, drives the market with high performance solutions and enables its customers to achieve the highest level of efficiency; with technical support to help clients find the perfect marine solution for them. 

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  • Reliable operation of equipment at sea is extremely important.
  • At the same time, marine conditions are extremely adverse on boats and equipment at sea.
  • With the selection of the right product, you will get long intervals of trouble-free operation.

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Araldite Resin Composite Systems
Huntsman Resin Composite Systems
Renshape Brochure
Epoxies, Methacrylates and Polyurethane Araldite Adhesives
merbenit marine
Merbenit Marine Bonding & Sealing
Permabond Anaerobic & Cyanoacrylate
Anaerobic & Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

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