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Table of Equivalences – Momentive & DowSil

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Through this article, we will repair the equivalence table between Momentive and DowSil for the aeronautics sector. DowSil, formerly known as Dow Corning, is the world leader in silicones. The brand offers solutions to improve industrial performance and to meet the diverse needs of thousands of customers around the world.

Finding Your Momentive Alternative from DowSil

Effective Solutions from DowSil

Its silicones have unique properties and benefits that make them the preferred materials for many applications and industry sectors, including the aerospace sector. Do you know what the keys to its success are? The durability, structural resistance and adhesive properties of its sealants and adhesives, are capable of increasing the useful life of many components. High thermal stability and stress relief properties, as well as electrical insulation, fire and weather resistance, are also some of the unique properties of their solutions. In addition, its adhesives offer greater reliability and long-term performance. Likewise, its products protect against humidity, dirt and thermal and physical damage.

DowSil in the Aerospace Sector

Historically, the aeronautical sector has worked with Dow (Dow Corning) silicone adhesives and sealants. Many of these applications and specifications have also been extended to GE/Momentive signature products. In order to make it easier for you to find the counterpart of a Momentive product, we leave you the list of equivalences between Momentive and DowSil.

Our DOWSIL adhesives and sealants are manufactured in 3 plants around the world, China, Europe (Belgium and Germany) and the USA. This allows for easier location and marketing of DOWSIL products.

It is important to note that we do not guarantee equivalence. Therefore, it is recommended to test your application to demonstrate its suitability. If you need help finding an alternative product, ask for technical assistance with our specialists.

Table of Comparison – Momentive & DowSil

Momentive Product Description DowSil Equivalent Airbus Code Military Specification Other specified
RTV88 bicomp. resist. high T DowSil 90-006-2 RF SLNT/CAT-P,KIT,453G KIT Z16301
FRV1106 fluorosil. DowSil 730 FS Z16403
RTV102 acetic acid general use DowSil 732 White Z16302 MIL-A-46106, Rev: B, Group III, Type I
RTV103 acetic acid general use DowSil 732 Black MIL-A-46106, Rev: B, Group III, Type I
RTV106 red acetic resist. high T DowSil 736 MIL-A-46106, Rev: B, Group III, Type I
RTV108 acetic acid general use DowSil 732 Clear MIL-A-46106, Rev: B, Group III, Type I  DA4–653–3S2
RTV109 acetic acid general use DowSil 732 Aluminum MIL-A-46106, Rev: B, Group III, Type I
RTV112 general purpose fluid acetic acid DowSil 734 White
RTV118 general purpose fluid acetic acid DowSil 734 Clear Z16305
RTV157 gray acetic, high modulus DowSil 736 
RTV159 red acetic, high modulus and resist. T DowSil 1566
RTV162 neutral white, high resist. mechanics DowSil 738 Z16306 MIL-A-46146, Rev: B + AMEND 3, GR 1, TY1
RTV167 neutral gray, very high resist. mechanics DowSil 3145 Gray Z16310 MIL-A-46146, Rev: B + AMEND 3, GR 2, TY1
SS4004P first DowSil 1200 OS IPS10-04-016-02 / DA4–653–3H2
SS4044P first DowSil PR-1200 RTV CLEAR MIL-A-46106 Rev B, Amend. 3 BMS5-175TI
SS4044P first Z15904 MIL-A-46106 Rev B, Amend. 3 / MIL-A-46146 Rev B + Amend. 3 ASNA4293 / IDN200*A / BMS5-175
SS4120 first DowSil 92-023
RTV630 encapsulated gel Sylgard 577
neutral transparent fluent DowSil 3140 Clear Z16316 MIL-A-46146, Rev: B + AMEND 3, GR 1, TY 2

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