Antala Ltd is the official distributor for Huntsman Electronics in the UK & Ireland

Huntsman Electronics UK

Antala Ltd were appointed the UK Distributor of Huntsman Electronic products in May 1st 2016. The Huntsman Electronics range includes Epoxy (Araldite) and Polyurethane (Arathane) resins that are used during virtually every stage in the production of electronic devices and power applications. Epoxies and Polyurethanes are widely used in the electronics industry to protect devices … Read moreAntala Ltd is the official distributor for Huntsman Electronics in the UK & Ireland

Huntsman Advanced Materials at JEC World 2016

JEC World 2016

Huntsman Advanced Materials to showcase ‘solutions for all processes in composites’ at JEC World 2016

Stand No L31, Hall 6
JEC World 2016, Paris
8-10 March 2016

Huntsman Advanced Materials will be using JEC World 2016 to underline its credentials across the full portfolio of technologies and market sectors in which it operates with ARALDITE® branded resin systems, components and adhesives, designed for the production of composites and semi-finished parts.

Using the theme ‘solutions for all processes’, the company will demonstrate its reach across key markets, including Aerospace, Automotive, Rail and Oil & Gas and technologies such as Prepreg, Fast Resin Transfer Moulding (Fast RTM), Compression Moulding, Filament Winding and Pultrusion.

The nature of Huntsman’s involvement in parts, processes and industries will be illustrated by the use of touch screen presentations and there will be specific examples of the latest developments within the business, such as Dynamic Fluid Compression Moulding (DFCM).

This most recent advance in epoxy technology from Huntsman Advanced Materials involves a new epoxy resin system, which produces structural parts with autoclave quality in less than a minute. The process combines a new 30-second cure epoxy with a novel compression moulding technique to make one-minute cycle times a reality for structural components without any further post-curing. The system has important cost benefit implications in high-volume applications such as those found in the automotive market, where thermoset technology for high performance structural parts is now readily achievable.


In addition, the process offers a greater measure of design freedom, including on complex deep-draw parts, with very little wastage when compared to more traditional compression moulding methods.

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Huntsman Advanced Materials at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2015

composites europe

composites europe

We look forward to seeing you At COMPOSITES EUROPE 2015

 At Composites Europe 2015 we will highlight the step change our advanced chemistries are bringing to composites technology, both in high-end applications and in mass production:

  • New DFCM process enabling fast and high quality mass production
  • Accurate computer simulation to refine process design
  • Alternative FST solutions for composites in transportation
  • Structural adhesives bringing greater strength and weight reduction

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Antala Ltd. is the Huntsman Araldite new distribution partner


Huntsman Advanced Materials has announced Antala Ltd. as a new distribution partner for its speciality chemicals in the UK and Ireland. Antala Ltd., based in Stockport, was established in the UK in 2012, and has a strong presence in a number of sectors. Hunstman Advanced Materials has been working with its parent company, Antala Industria … Read moreAntala Ltd. is the Huntsman Araldite new distribution partner