What are the strongest adhesives?

Strongest Adhesive

One of the most popular questions we receive from customers is providing advice and recommendations on the strongest adhesive for their application. In this post, we explore the best adhesives for bonding metals, glass, plastics and composites. If we look at tensile strength, epoxy adhesives could be classed as the strongest adhesive. Tensile strength refers … Read moreWhat are the strongest adhesives?

What are the best adhesives for bonding polyurethane?

Bonding PU

Polyurethane, also known as PU is a polymer made from combining an organic compound unit with carbamate (urethane). PU is available in different forms; rigid solid, foam or soft elastomer, making it an extremely versatile material for a range of end-user applications. Some uses include roof insulation, insulated panels, windows and doors in construction (rigid … Read moreWhat are the best adhesives for bonding polyurethane?