What are the best adhesives for bonding polyurethane?

Bonding PU

Polyurethane, also known as PU is a polymer made from combining an organic compound unit with carbamate (urethane). PU is available in different forms; rigid solid, foam or soft elastomer, making it an extremely versatile material for a range of end-user applications. Some uses include roof insulation, insulated panels, windows and doors in construction (rigid … Read moreWhat are the best adhesives for bonding polyurethane?

A sprayable, solvent-free contact adhesive for industrial panel manufacturers

Merbenit IA45 Feature Image

SMP Merbenit IA45 is a solvent-free, contact adhesive with the advantage of being able to correct bonded parts. The adhesive offers a 10 minute tooling time enabling assembled parts to be aligned. With a fast build up strength for applications that require thin lines on one or both sides, the adhesive is ideal for insulated vehicle … Read moreA sprayable, solvent-free contact adhesive for industrial panel manufacturers

Merbenit at Bondexpo 2018

Merbenit at Bondexpo 2018 Feature Image

Merz + benteli will be exhibiting the Merbenit range of products at the international trade fair, Bondexpo 2018. This year’s event takes place in Stuttgart from the 8th October to 11th October 2018. Merbenit SMP Adhesives and Sealants The Merbenit range of innovative and environmentally friendly adhesives and sealants have enabled customers to optimise and reduce manufacturing … Read moreMerbenit at Bondexpo 2018

Merbenit receives eco-bau validation

Merbenit Eco-bau Feature Image

Three Merbenit products have received the eco-bau certification; Merbenit FS30, Merbenit HS60 and Merbenit HT50. What is the eco-bau certification? The eco-bau certification is awarded to products that have a minimal impact on the environment. Construction products are tested and evaluated using the eco-construction methodology and given a classification of eco-1, eco-2 or basis. Products … Read moreMerbenit receives eco-bau validation

Merz+Benteli celebrates 100th anniversary

Merbenit 100th Anniversary

This year, merz + benteli the Swiss adhesive and sealant specialist for reactive systems is celebrating its 100th anniversary. As an independent company, merz + benteli develops, produces and markets cutting-edge elastic sealants and adhesives. 100 years of experience in bonding and sealing History of merz + benteli In 1918 Walter Merz and Albert Benteli founded the company, while … Read moreMerz+Benteli celebrates 100th anniversary

A lightweight, sound absorbing solution for the Automotive market

Merbenit E20 Lightweight Feature Image

Car manufacturers are increasingly looking for solutions to reduce weight and to give drivers a quieter and smoother ride while improving fuel efficiency. Merbenit E20 SMP Merbenit E20 has the potential to be used in interior and body applications to make vehicles quieter and lighter. It effectively reduces vibration and noise and offers excellent thermal … Read moreA lightweight, sound absorbing solution for the Automotive market

Merbenit Unique SMP Products

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of Merz+Benteli AG, since the company was founded by chemists Walter Merz and Dr Albert Benteli. The company has grown to become leaders in elastic sealants and adhesives for the construction, automotive and marine sectors. The company has always remained at the forefront of industry, introducing new technologies … Read moreMerbenit Unique SMP Products

Merbenit 2K60 is a permanently elastic 2-component adhesive

merbenit 2k60

Merbenit 2K60 is a permanently elastic 2-component adhesive with a very fast strength build-up and very good adhesion properties, especially on synthetics which are difficult to bond. Merbenit 2K60  Product advantages Fast strength build-up, handling strength achieved after 30 minutes Compatible with paints Simple processing High elasticity, good mechanical strength Corrosion protecting Free of solvents, isocyanates and silicones Odourless … Read moreMerbenit 2K60 is a permanently elastic 2-component adhesive

Merbenature Eco-friendly sealing with renewable raw materials


Merbenature Eco-friendly sealing – with renewable raw materials Merbenature is an especially resource-saving sealant based on SMP. It consists of more than 50 % renewable raw material, is emission-free and environmentally friendly. Merbenature is universally applicable in inner and outdoor areas and easy to handle There have been precious few innovations on the sealant market over the … Read moreMerbenature Eco-friendly sealing with renewable raw materials

MERBENIT SF50 SMP flexible adhesive

merbenit sf 50 antala

Merbenit SF50 is a reactive flexible adhesive based on SMP (Silane Modified Polymer). SMP based adhesives combine all the advantages of silicones with  polyurethane strengths and are free of solvents, isocyanates and silicones. Merbenit SF50 is odourless and does not contain hazardous components (check Safety Data Sheet). Thanks to its fast strength build-up and high … Read moreMERBENIT SF50 SMP flexible adhesive