What are the strongest adhesives?

Strongest Adhesive

One of the most popular questions we receive from customers is providing advice and recommendations on the strongest adhesive for their application. In this post, we explore the best adhesives for bonding metals, glass, plastics and composites. If we look at tensile strength, epoxy adhesives could be classed as the strongest adhesive. Tensile strength refers … Read moreWhat are the strongest adhesives?

New transparent adhesive Araldite 2028-1

Araldite 2028

The new transparent adhesive Araldite 2028-1 developed by Huntsman Advanced Materials, is a product of chemical-based polyurethane and curing at room temperature with a simple mixing ratio (1: 1) that stands out for its transparency, its rapid cure and stability to ultraviolet rays. Due to its characteristics it is suitable for bonding a wide variety … Read moreNew transparent adhesive Araldite 2028-1

Tried and tested Permabond 910 adhesive

Permabond 910

Tried and tested Permabond 910 On a recent visit to a new engineer at a company that has long used Permabond 910, while we were on our way to the lab the new engineer and I met up with an engineer I’ve known for years.  He asked what brought me in and I explained that … Read moreTried and tested Permabond 910 adhesive

Permabond A126 – Anaerobic adhesive wicking grade.

Permabond A126

Permabond A126 is a high-strength anaerobic adhesive for permanent assembly of coaxial assemblies or threaded metal components. The exceptionally low viscosity of this product makes it ideal for use on tight fitting components or where the adhesive needs to be applied after assembly. In addition it may also be used to seal porosity in welds or castings. Permabond Adhesives  Permabond A126 Physical … Read morePermabond A126 – Anaerobic adhesive wicking grade.