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Antala Technical Support

We don’t just distribute leading specialty chemicals, we use over 25 years of expertise to help our customers optimise their overall adhesive, sealant, coatings and lubrication processes.

    • On-site visits to understand your specialty chemicals processes
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Dedicated Adhesive & Lubrication Specialists
    • Assisting innovation project research and development
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Your Strategic Specialty Chemicals Partner

Supporting Your Needs

Our team invest the time to understand your business' specialty chemicals processes; allowing us to improve your overall processes.

25+ Years of Industry Experience

Our team make use of over 25 years of industry experience; approaching projects with the view of benefitting overall business operations.

Dedicated Technical Teams

Whether adhesives, lubricants or coatings, we have a dedicated team who specialise in specific technologies; providing specialty insight where needed.

How We Support Industry

See how we work with industry leaders, research centres and more to make the most of leading specialty chemicals.

New Customers

Our team invest time to get to know new customers, from their initial query to their overall adhesive, coatings and lubrication processes.

Businesses contact us in various stages of their journey, from learning about adhesive technologies, right down to testing innovative new projects and providing testing and trialling. 

Long-Term Relationships

From day one, we aim to build long-term relationships with all of our clients; allowing us to support each client best. 

From regular visits and check ups, to helping to solve any potential issues outside our initial remit, we aim to support our clients when it is needed most.

Overall Speciality Chemical Support

With leading brands in adhesives, coatings, sealants and lubrication for various industries, we aim to provide reliable stock and delivery.

On-Site Visits & Support

Whether you're a new, or well established customer, our team invest the time to know your business, applications and overall speciality chemicals processes. 

From analysing plant maintenance and lubrication, to sourcing the best adhesive solution for your specific application, we make sure that we have the insight, paired with over 25 years expertise to support our customers.

Adhesive & Lubricant Specialties

Adhesives Team

Our adhesives team have experience working with companies from some of the UK and Ireland's biggest innovators, right down to SMEs who are just starting their journey. 


Lubrication Team

Our lubrication team are dedicated technology experts who are proud to have experience supporting companies in areas from the most simple to complex. Whether it is sourcing reliable stock for regular scheduled maintenance, or finding the perfect lubricant for highly regulated applications, our team are on hand to help.

Future Innovations

Along with over 25 years experience, our team continue to grow their expertise in traditional sectors, through to sectors that are shaping the future of British and Irish industry.

We now work proudly with industry innovators in sectors such as composites, e-mobility, renewable energies and more; giving our team insight into some of the most exciting and innovative industries coming up.

Filling of gaps and trailing edges
Bonding of sensors and current conductors
Repair, fixing of inserts and added elementsof inserts and added elements
Casing repair and bonding
Tooling with high temperature resistance
Union of added elements: Vortex, Serrations, etc.

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