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Tectyl 506 is a general purpose corrosion inhibitor which provides excellent protection of metallic surfaces against corrosion.

A versatile product that can be used across many industries from protecting automotive interiors and underbody metal parts to providing a protective shipping coating for small ferrous and non ferrous castings in the marine industry. It protects metallic surfaces against corrosion in long-term indoor or outdoor exposure, during domestic and overseas shipment.

The water-displacing compound provides protection on vehicles and machinery with good surface penetration and adhesion. Rust preventative coatings can extend the product life, improve operating costs, lower maintenance and reduce service expenses.

Tectyl 506 cures quickly to a pale amber colour displaying a semi-firm translucent film which is touch dry after 2 hours. The product can be applied using a low-pressure air spray or with a brush.

Tectyl 506 Features & Benefits

Superior Protection

At the recommended DFT Tectyl 506 will protect against corrosion during storage, domestic and overseas transport.


Tectyl 506 is easy to apply and easy to remove, when no longer needed.


With a DFT of only 50 microns, Tectyl 506 can protect a big surface with just little amount of the product.


Available in aerosols, pails and drums.

How to use Tectyl 506 

Tectyl 506 can be used in most industries from automotive, bus & truck, marine, rail and aviation.

For more information on the Tectyl range of products, please click here.

Tectyl is known for its innovative solutions, service and expertise in industrial applications. Recognised as a trusted global brand in rust protection for more than 80 years.


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