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Tectyl: A New Era of Protection Under Corpro

Tectyl — a trusted brand for decades — has embarked on a new chapter under the ownership of CorPro, a subsidiary of the renowned German operating specialists and fellow DGE member Costenoble. This strategic acquisition signifies a commitment to continued innovation and excellence in the Tectyl product line.

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Tectyl’s Legacy of Protection

For years, Tectyl coatings have been the go-to choice for industries requiring superior corrosion protection. From automotive parts to heavy machinery, Tectyl safeguards metal surfaces against the harsh effects of weather, chemicals, and wear-and-tear. Tectyl offers a wide range of products to address specific needs, including:

  • Tectyl Wax Coatings: These solvent-based coatings provide a long-lasting protective barrier, ideal for undercarriage protection on vehicles and exposed metal components. 
  • Tectyl Film Coatings: These thin-film coatings offer excellent corrosion resistance and are well-suited for applications requiring a dry-to-the-touch finish, such as electrical components and machined parts. 
  • Tectyl Cavity Waxes: Designed for internal applications, these sprayable waxes penetrate hard-to-reach areas and displace moisture, preventing rust from forming within cavities like doors and frames. 

Today, under the banner of CorPro, Tectyl’s industry-leading corrosion protection solutions will benefit from continued innovation and outreach. Tectyl’s proven performance across various product lines has made Tectyl a cornerstone of various sectors, ensuring the longevity and reliability of countless products, such as: 

Tectyl Multipurpose Amber

This versatile, wax-based spray delivers excellent corrosion protection for a wide range of applications in automotive, marine, and industrial settings. It efficiently displaces moisture, penetrates gaps, and leaves a long-lasting amber coloured film for easy identification of protected areas.

Tectyl 506

This solvent-based, wax-based compound offers exceptional corrosion protection for a wide range of applications. Particularly effective for vehicle undercarriages, wheel wells, and machinery in storage, Tectyl 506 displaces moisture and forms a long-lasting, amber-coloured film. Its fast drying time allows for quicker processing, while the option for brush or spray gun application provides versatility for different projects.

Tectyl 846–K–19

This solvent-based, wax-based compound provides exceptional long-term corrosion protection for a variety of metal surfaces. Particularly well-suited for parts in storage or shipment, Tectyl 846-K-19 effectively guards against rust and corrosion. Meeting the military specification, MIL-C-16173D Grade 4, Tectyl 846-K-19 has been tested and approved for military requirements. 

CorPro and Costenoble: A Powerful Partnership 

CorPro’s acquisition of Tectyl positions the brand for even greater success. CorPro, backed by the vast resources and expertise of Costenoble, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. This synergy promises continued product development, enhanced manufacturing capabilities, and a global reach that will further solidify Tectyl’s position as a leader in the corrosion protection market. 

Antala: Your Premier Supplier of Tectyl Products

As the leading supplier of Tectyl products in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Antala Ltd. is thrilled about this new chapter for the Tectyl brand. We are committed to providing our customers with advanced Tectyl solutions, ensuring you have access to the best possible protection for your metal assets. 

A Bright Future for Tectyl

The future of Tectyl is bright. With CorPro’s leadership and Costenoble’s backing, Tectyl is poised to deliver even more effective and innovative rust preventative solutions. At Antala Ltd., we are excited to be a part of this journey and to continue providing you with unparalleled access to the Tectyl advantage. 

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