The $7.8 Billion Electronic Adhesives Market and Its Best Products

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In this article we explore the electronic adhesives market, why and how it’s growing, and which top products you can use to advance your electronic processes.

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The Electronic Adhesives Market

As industrial processes aim to become more efficient, intelligent and well-connected, an increase in their number of electronic components becomes prevalent. This is an established phenomena within Industry 4.0 and is the driving force responsible for the growth of the electronic adhesives market. The rise of electronic components in most engineering systems is accelerated further by the increasing consumer demand for safety features (ABS in vehicles), controllability (sensors and detectors in mobile phones, vehicles and surveillance equipment), stability, comfort, communication and navigation systems.

Due to the growing popularity of electric vehicles, high-tech gadget vehicles, and the conversion of mechanical systems to electronic systems as a way of enhancing driving performance, the automotive industry is one of the key factors shaping the electronic adhesives market. Similarly, the rise of smart and electric aircraft in the aerospace industry is another key factor shaping the market. Other factors include the adoption of polymer adhesives instead of soldering systems in the healthcare and construction industries. To learn more about why adhesives are used instead of traditional fastening methods, such as soldering, read our article here.

According to a recent study carried out by Million Insights, the global electronic adhesives market is expected to reach a value of $7.8 billion by 2022, with most of the growth being associated with the Asia Pacific and European regions. Additionally, by the end of 2029, East Asia is predicted to have captured approximately one-third revenue share in the electronic adhesives market.

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Electronic Adhesives Market Segmentation

The electronic adhesives market can be broken down into three crucial segments distinguished by their application types, such as:

  • Coatings and conformal
  • Surface mount devices
  • Potting and encapsulation

Currently, the ‘surface mount devices’ segment is amongst the fastest growing segments, having generated a sizeable revenue in the last few years.

The market can also be broken down into 4 crucial segments distinguished by product types, such as:

  • Electrically conductive adhesives
  • Thermally conductive adhesives
  • UV curing adhesives
  • Other adhesives

In 2018, the ‘electrically conductive adhesives’ segment held the largest market share. This is accounted for by the proliferation of wireless devices, as electrically conductive adhesives are used to provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection to the components responsible for WiFi capabilities.

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Advantages of Electronic Adhesives

Electronic adhesives offer many unique advantages when compared with traditional fastening methods such as welding or soldering. These advantages include, but are not limited to:

  • Thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Chemical inertness – unable to react with other chemicals and cause damage, or experience rusting
  • Vibration damping – leading to a more enduring structural strength of the product.
  • Low moisture absorption – giving a low risk of contact corrosion
  • High bond strength to similar and dissimilar substrates
  • Rapid cures
  • Flexible temperature serviceability
  • High-voltage insulation
  • Lightweight compared to mechanical fasteners
  • More aesthetically pleasing than mechanical fasteners due to a lack of lumps or texture changes

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Electronic Adhesives to Consider for Improving Your Processes

Araldite CW229/HW 229-1 is a liquid, two-component hot curing epoxy casting system which is the ideal product for electrically insulating components and for use as electrical insulation. The system contains mechanically reinforcing fillers, leading to superb fracture toughness characteristics. Due to having excellent resistance to thermal cycling, as well as exceptional mechanical and electrical characteristics, this product is recommended for indoor medium and high voltage applications with service temperatures as high as 200°C. Both components of this system are easily processed liquids and offer a reasonable working life at processing temperatures. This product is beige in colour.

Araldite CW229-3/HW 229-1, similar to CW229/HW 229-1, is another liquid, two-component hot curing epoxy casting system filled with slightly abrasive reinforcing fillers. This product, however, is a dark brown liquid, making it a more aesthetic choice when used in darker products. It is also an ideal choice for indoor electrical insulation applications. It can be used for post insulators, bushings, dry type distribution transformers, switchgears, and other equipment parts.

Araldite CW1302/HY 1300 is a liquid, two-component epoxy casting system which is optimal for curing at room temperature or slightly higher temperatures. This product meets the UL 94 flammability standard, absorbs little water or moisture, and offers great thermal conductivity and endurance. As a result, it is a recommended choice for electrical devices in a potentially explosive environment, to be used on transformers, capacitors, filters, etc. It is a beige, viscous liquid.


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