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New transparent adhesive Araldite 2028-1

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transparent adhesivetransparent adhesiveThe new transparent adhesive Araldite 2028-1 developed by Huntsman Advanced Materials, is a product of chemical-based polyurethane and curing at room temperature with a simple mixing ratio (1: 1) that stands out for its transparency, its rapid cure and stability to ultraviolet rays. Due to its characteristics it is suitable for bonding a wide variety of plastic and metal materials in different applications.


Araldite 2028-1 is a transparent adhesive improvement: UV resistance, shear strength, peel strength and resistance to thermal aging of its previous version Araldite 2028.


The new Araldite 2028-1 presented as other technical data relevant work open about 6 minutes at 23 ° C time, curing time to achieve a shear strength greater than 1 MPa for 30 minutes’ drive, time cured to achieve a tensile shear strength greater than 10 MPa of 8 hours, a peel strength of 6.6 N / mm and an elongation at break of 60%.

Araldite 2028-1 adhesive applications

Araldite 2028-1 has proven its worth many different market segments among which they are:

  •    Automotive: Turn signals, brake lights, mirrors, …
  •     LED industrial lighting
  •     Sport: Surfboards, Equis, recreational boats …
  •     Advertising Sector: Stands, Advertising panels, Logos, Signage, …
  •     Electronics: Encapsulation of electronic circuits, transformers, sensors, …
  •    General Industry : Accessories for umbrellas, Filters, handicrafts, Water meters, …

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Application Video

Adhesive application

The mixture of resin and hardener can be applied manually or robotically to the bonding surfaces pretreated and dried. Antala technical team can help you select a suitable application method as well as suggest a variety of companies that manufacture and service adhesive application equipment.

With a layer of adhesive 0.05 to 0.10 mm thickness greater shear strength of the union will be achieved. Huntsman stresses that proper adhesive joint design is also critical for a durable bond. The joint components should be assembled and kept in a fixed position as soon as the adhesive has been applied.


Araldite 2028-1 is supplied in cartridges 50 ml and 200 ml with mixing cannula, ready for use with its corresponding applicator gun and is also available in industry format drums 20 kg low name Araldite AY industrial 8629- 1 / Hardener HY 8628 for use with an automatic dosing system.

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