What Is Epoxy Resin & How To Use It

In this article we explore frequently asked questions about epoxy resin, the industries they are used in, and our recommended range of epoxy resins.

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What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is a type of epoxy adhesive that can be used to bond, pot and encapsulate many applications in various industries. Epoxies are the most commonly used structural adhesives, thanks to their excellent shear strength and chemical resistance. Epoxy resins typically come in the form of two-component systems, composed of a resin and a hardener. However, one-component systems are also available, which have to be cured with the assistance of heat.

Features of Epoxy Resin

  • Adheres well to most materials
  • Great material strength
  • Extremely durable
  • Dielectric properties – can act as an electrical insulator or conductor
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Gap-filling
  • High acid resistance – not susceptible to corrosion
  • High heat resistance – up to 200°C
  • Great weathering resistance
  • Some grades offer flame retardancy

What is Epoxy Resin Used For?


Ensuring the protection of jet engine blades and reinforcing honeycomb structures, epoxy resins have many applications within the aerospace industry. The Epocast series from Huntsman provides casting systems, such as Epocast® 1628 A/B, which is a potential product in the new Rolls-Royce UltraFan jet engine. Overall, epoxy systems are becoming ever more common in the aerospace landscape; for both internal and exterior applications.


The electronic equipment that keeps a wind turbine running needs to be protected. Epoxy resins are able to act as potting and encapsulation compounds that keep wind turbine electronics protected from water, rust and fire. Araldite CW 1302/Aradur HY 1300 is an epoxy resin which can be used for electrical encapsulation in wind turbines.


As epoxy resins are stronger than materials such as polyester and vinylester, they can effectively replace them, causing dramatic weight savings. Araldite LY 1568 / Aradur 3492 were used to reduce the overall weight of the Scout 420 LXF luxury sport boat by 15%. Due to this reduced weight, the boat was able to gain a greater hull speed and reduce its fuel consumption for greater fuel efficiency and sustainability.

huntsman epoxy product used on boats

Frequently Asked Questions About Epoxy Resin

How long does it take to dry?

Generally, epoxy resins take up to 72 hours to dry. The drying/curing process can be accelerated through the use of heat. However, this value differs for every product. Therefore you should check the product information of the specific product you are using. Various cure times are available in the vast array of epoxy systems; making them a viable option for multiple niche applications. 

Can it be used outside?

Yes. Epoxy resin can be used outside as it has great weather-resistant properties. However, it’s important to note that they are not completely UV resistant. As a result, they tend to go yellow when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Additionally, most epoxy resins will not bond in outdoor conditions under 12°C.

Do I need to prepare my substrate surfaces?

Yes. Ensure that substrate surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and dried before an attempt at bonding. Any contamination of the surface being bonded can compromise the durability and performance of the bond. 

How do I remove it?

To remove resin that hasn’t fully set yet, use a cloth with proprietary solvents to rub it off.

To remove resin that has set, you can use a heat gun and a plastic scraper. Alternatively, you can use acetone to remove the resin and any residue left over.

How do I use it on wood?

In order to use epoxy resin on wood, ensure that the wooden surfaces are thoroughly clean and dry. Use an orbital sander to sand any non-porous surfaces. The surface can then be covered with the mixed epoxy, ensuring there are no bubbles, and then covered and left to dry. You can use a pin to pop any bubbles on the epoxy before bonding.

Where can I buy it?

Here at Antala, we offer an extensive range of adhesives and sealants for every industry. Have a look at our top-of-the-market epoxy resins in the section below.

Our Recommended Epoxy Resins

Product Benefits Main Uses

Araldite LY 5052/Aradur 5052

Low viscosity – easy impregnation of reinforcement materials. Aerospace composite applications
Araldite CW 229-3/HW 229- Flammability (UL 94 V-1) rated Indoor electrical insulation
Araldite CW 1446/ HY 2919 Good resistance to cyclic temperature variations Generators and Motors
Araldite CW 1305/HY 1300 Moderate exotherm facilities casting in bulk Encapsulating heat-evolving components
Araldite CW 1302/Aradur HY 1300 Excellent thermal endurance Electrical devices working in an explosive environment
Araldite 2020 Refractive index similar to that of glass Glass bonding

Araldite LY 5052 / Aradur 5052

Long service time Aerospace composite applications

Araldite AV 170

Heat resistant up to 120°C. Bonding metals and temperature resistant plastics

Epocast 89537 A/B

Non-slip consistency – allows vertical application up to 1.25 cm thick Encapsulation of fasteners, core splices and edge reinforcement

Araldite CY 5622

Hydrophobic system Outdoor electrical systems, isolators, sensors

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